Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Houses of Chinatown's Past

This post, my first in a while, is dedicated to a few houses that no longer exist in Chinatown. In all of these cases, all signs of any single-detached housing is long gone, replaced by retail. While sad to see these houses no longer, the current buildings are more in tune with what you'd typically find in Chinatown today, so it comes as no surprise they're no longer with us.

262 East Georgia street 1960s-2009:

250 East Georgia street 1960s-2009:

600 Block of Gore avenue 1969-2009:

100 block of Keefer street 1960s-2010:

And finally, these houses give us a glimpse of how the area has gone from residential to retail over the course of nearly a century as well as a glimpse of some crazy power lines.

East Pender west of Main street 1914-2010: